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  • 21JAN
    When Words Are Real


    Shortly after I wrote yesterday's thought I began to create a simple publication to cement my personal commitment to it. Speaking the single word love at the start and end of each day is meaningful for me. It gives my day form and purpose, when alone and together. Thinking silently is different, perhaps because when I push a word through my breath into the world I somehow make it real.

    'Love', when said in isolation is my declaration, my pledge.

  • 20JAN
    My First, My Last


    Language is the tool I value most. It is free to use by all. It is how I share the meaning of and in my life. It is my path to understand another's world. How else can this be said without its force?

    Love: let this be my first word each morning and the last before I sleep.

  • 19JAN
    The First Steps of A New World


    A method to solve the problem of translating one language into another more quickly and effectively emerges. The solution converts languages from one to another almost instantaneously and was not arrived as a result of instructions by humans, but rather spontaneously within the digital sphere.

    As machine understanding evolves, so The Rights of Living Things require our close attention.

    Most of what becomes unfolds unseen.

There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.

William Shakespeare



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