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  • 15NOV
    Why I Do


    The most simple questions are often the most difficult to answer. Here are two: Why do? And its antithesis: Why do not?

    What I do is driven by my nature, my values, my desire, my interest, my strength, my weakness, and my judgement of risk. These are also at the root of why I do not.

    If I consider these questions as ethical, I form a guide to my actions. Why do?: Love. Why do not?: Love.

  • 14NOV
    To Say Or Not To Say


    I spend every day thinking about, then writing and refining a short passage that I hope is of value. At its best it reaches you, however as with anything I say, at times I am less successful.

    With another, there is no greater threat to honesty than not saying, and yet I ponder on whether it is always better to say, or speak only when there is something worth saying.

    I say in the quiet of my mind then set it on the page so it might by chance meet yours one day.

  • 13NOV
    Those Things We Hide


    I have deeply held convictions about love, about our actions, and about art. I view anything I publish: every word, every pixel, every sound, as some small proof of those things I hold dear. I try, but often fail to be as careful, as thoughtful in my everyday, as when leaving these modest grains of self online.

    When in the company of others I mask my intense nature much of the time. Perhaps we long for those most we trust will love those things we often hide.

There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.

William Shakespeare



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