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  • 18JAN
    The Loss of Less


    I feel the loss of less,

    Far from the crash of wave, the taste of salt, the scent of sea,

    In sight of land and sky alone I feel your loss of less,

    The sail of wind, the wrench of rope, the strength of nature's hand,

    With less I feel my loss, as grit my time escapes, with solitary life, this wistful grain of sand.

  • 17JAN
    Where Music Comes From


    Music is organized sound that often has patterns we enjoy in the mind and body, that can appeal to our sense of beauty, and may trigger ideas and emotions.

    When I hear music I do so differently than anyone else, and so it is with you. We might respond in a similar manner, but not identically. We feel unpredictably according to our personal experience.

    Music becomes within.

  • 16JAN
    The Creative Instinct


    The piece of music I work on will be called 'Fragile Earth' and supports The Right of Self Protection. At present every choice I make creatively is with this in mind, however for the most part these choices are not reasoned, but instinctive. I have for example selected the instruments for the piece through my feelings about their sounds rather than an adherence to convention or logic.

    The journey of making requires trust in my natural inclination. The artist depends on instinct.

There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.

William Shakespeare



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