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  • 18AUGUST
    Two Children


    Two children, far apart, opened their eyes full with the excitement of a new day. They lived as their parents do: with kindness and tolerence. They knew love and were happy. One lived in Freetown, Sierra Leone, the other in Barcelona, Spain. Before their loss, those with them: best friends, brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers grew stronger with the goodness of their lives. No matter how a child is lost, the only ease to grief is love. Love equally of those we wish close, and those we wish far away.


    With Loss: Love

  • 17AUGUST
    Lud's Church


    Some of the words I first uncovered here find themselves in new form accompanying an image that arose from my journey through nature.

    I publish a still, sepia-toned photograph of a magical hidden place of furtive gatherings and gothic legend.


    View 'Lud's Church' at 100 Artworks

  • 16AUGUST
    Think For Yourself


    Online comments are a means of engagement and allow visitors to express themselves and view the opinions of others. Most leave their remarks using pseudonyms that conceal their identity: their words carry little weight. What is left is often a means to provoke and inflame rather than build understanding.

    When I experience content online I try to think about what I come across carefully. Online comments have a tendency of impeding independent thought, and provide ill-considered voice to the impulsive.

There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.

William Shakespeare



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