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  • 21NOV
    Mathematics Is Not Language


    Language: a system of communication that expresses ideas, events, emotional life, and experience.

    People often believe musicians make good mathematicians. I am not, and over the years this has led me to consider the nature of mathematics. In common with music, mathematics is not a language.

    Mathematics is a mental activity that uses symbols and logic to model understanding. Although maths is an invaluable rational tool, it is not understood without the assistance of a language like English.

  • 20NOV
    2 AM


    With gusts of eighty miles per hour the wooden gates break apart with a loud crack in our first storm of winter. I wake to watch nature bend the tree tops and lash the ground with rain. A few minutes more and I grab a coat and head outside to secure the open gates against the wall.

    Nature is beautiful, in calm and fury. There is no good nor bad, no mine or yours. With nature we are as naked ancestor, and our humbled heart is better for it.

  • 19NOV
    Inside Out


    Inside Out: with the inner surface turned outwards.

    Experience is always interior. Although we often gather (or are forced) together as an event unfolds, our experience is always unique, despite our perpetual wish to find common ground.

    Art, music and literature are ways that expose, express, and consolidate experience. As we share these things our tolerance of difference is increased, and we become more bound to one another.

There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.

William Shakespeare



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