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  • 17JULY
    The Antidote to Unwanted Distance


    I watch a movie at home that moves me as much as when I first saw it at the cinema. I find it beautiful, emotionally engaging, texturally rich, and full with social and cultural commentary. Everything works for me: its themes, narrative, screenplay, cinematography, music, lighting, design, acting, and direction.

    When it becomes clear that the movie fails to connect with my son I feel as if a great wall descends between us. The only known antidote to counter an experience of unwanted distance is love.

  • 16JULY
    Love and The Artist


    To create art, whatever its medium, the creative person must be loved, love, or yearn for love. Their love may be of a person, a place, or an idea. They may be loved by another, they may love themselves, or they may long to be with their love. The love the artist requires is strongly felt with a consistent commitment or wish of care and kindness. Without love, the need to make quickly fades.

    When love of self or self-belief turns to arrogance, love leaves, and with it, all that inspires.

  • 15JULY
    Explaining Art


    Language is often used to inform an audience of the intent, meaning, and value of a work of art.

    Language may be used as the medium or integral element of the work, for example, a poem, or title.

    Language is used to analyze, discuss and criticize a work of art.

    The artist's and critic's words associated with art may not be consistent with the experience of it.

    Explaining art belies its fundamental nature which is to experience it, and in this, we like it, or we do not.

There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.

William Shakespeare



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