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  • 27OCT
    A Different Point of View


    Whatever I experience, I do so from within. Reflecting on another's different point of view helps me better understand my own. At times I feel saddened, frustrated, or weakened by a different view, perhaps as this is so often the source of conflict. If I sense difference, even for a moment, it might set me apart, dislocate, threaten, divide. And yet, my view is only broadened by reflecting on another's.

    I find I love most with others who are open to and welcome difference, for how else can love grow?

  • 26OCT
    From Moment to Moment


    I live in a quiet place and have the good fortune of hearing small things move: the air through the dry crisp leaves of autumn, the untroubled ruffle of a bird's wing, the sporadic drops of mist to earth. I become aware of a moment, stretching, precious, long before my breath falls and rises for the next.

    Music cannot exist without its travel from one moment to another, and yet as I play I loose all track of time. Perhaps this is why I love so much to share within its fluent arms.

  • 25OCT
    Getting Things Done


    For three months, between creative projects, I have sought tools and learning to help me make with something new in an effort to combine different media to form a unified whole. I am not technically minded and feel overwhelmed by the scale and challenge.

    The only qualities that will help me complete what I start is my stubborn persistence and determination. My talent, such as it is, has little impact on getting things done.

There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.

William Shakespeare



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