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  • 23MARCH
    Our Search To Be Valued


    Our confidence is in part built from the reassurance of our capacity to 'make' money. Those who are lower paid are sometimes viewed as 'worth less'. How much money a person generates is however largely a matter of good fortune: our birthplace, the love and care we are given, our physical and mental capacity, our temperament, gender, education, culture, religion, and health. The ability to acquire money from one's efforts is often erroneously perceived of as an indicator of personal worth.

  • 22MARCH
    Fall Dust of Woodland Floor


    I publish a poem and artwork about loss.

    I wonder why the focus of my expression takes nature as its starting point. Perhaps it is that we need the distance and abstraction of metaphor to speak of those most fearful things. Perhaps it is that nature is so far from our place of cruelty.


    Visit 'Fall Dust of Woodland Floor' at 100 Artworks

  • 21MARCH
    This Now May Never End


    Since childhood I have always been at once fascinated and mystified by time.

    One of time’s most curious qualities is the length of 'now'.

    Do I experience a brief plateau that defines the present? Or am I only ever conscious of my past?

    Time is broader in the experience of living things than a simple line from before to the here then after.

    This now may never end.

There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.

William Shakespeare



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