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  • 11DEC
    The Search For Imperfection


    As I work on my music I listen carefully to its flaws. Although I shape and refine my performance I do not use my computer to automate rhythmic precision. I work aesthetically rather than programmatically and experience the ebb and flow of beats first hand this way. While time consuming it mirrors my life which is not mathematically regular. I search for the sweet spot between the flawless and the chaotic. Gentle fluctuations of rhythm, tone and pitch lay at the core of beauty in music.

  • 10DEC
    Something Lost, Something Found


    With others I live well, with comfort of their moment close: I am, I feel myself once more.
    Alone: the time, an endless wall of white, I search in vain for what has been and what may come,
    Alone I fill this space with sound to fill the silence of my mind.
    Find love for this is all there is and ever was of worth in moments of your time...


    This short poem touches on the world of a lady in her nineties whom I visited each day.

  • 9DEC
    The Battlefield


    As an Active Pacifist my battle against cruelty and conflict is fought with the tools of art and persuasion. That said, I see a person stripped of dignity, their life no more than a struggle to survive, and I ask what can my modest expression of art and words ever achieve?

    Although climate change, war and poverty seem far beyond the scope of individual influence, they are born of the mind. The mind is our battlefield where all the now and future we ever know is formed.

There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.

William Shakespeare



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