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  • 26APRIL
    My Weakness


    I ponder on the value of my weakness. The weakness of my body, my mind, the shortcomings of my care for others, my frailty of self. Some are more straight forward to meet head-on than others. Some are so deeply embedded they have become a part of my nature.

    By acknowledging my weakness I take a small step forward, I appreciate better the weakness in others, and I counter the conceit and dangers of my ego.

  • 25APRIL
    To Make I Must Return


    My creative process relies on my insatiable need to return.

    I am inspired by an experience or idea.

    I find a time and place where I can begin, express myself instinctively, then stand back.

    When making, most time is spent understanding, shaping and refining what comes naturally.

  • 24APRIL
    Art Unseen


    Imagine two painters. The first has established a large loyal following and enjoys critical acclaim. Their painting is seen in a public place by many people. The second hangs their painting on their wall in their home. Each time the painter passes this painting they touch it, gently, and revisit their inspiration.

    The significance of painting is often unseen.

There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.

William Shakespeare



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