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  • 25NOV
    The Wren in Winter


    The music The Wren in Winter is published in support of The Right to be Valued.

    The wren is a tiny bird with a strong and beautiful song. I rarely use explicit representation in my art and music, however the idea of what it is to value something is so abstract and personal, I thought it helpful when supporting the principle that life should have the right to be regarded as important and potentially beneficial to the world, no matter how small.


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  • 24NOV
    Ownership and Advantage


    Buying and selling is the transaction of seeking ownership and advantage.

    As my creative work is freely available, it is not scarce, exclusive, nor the subject of special offers. People who encounter my work and have money are on the same level playing field as those who do not. Emotion and thought is not focused on the acquisition of the content I make, but on its experience.

    Art belongs in us rather than to us. I posses art on the inside, not my outside.

  • 23NOV
    How Creativity Harms


    Whether you are an architect, artist, composer, choreographer, crafts person, designer, photographer or writer, whatever the field, I believe it is the responsibility of the creative person to consider the impact of what they make. If what I make has the potential to harm in any way, then I should stop.

    Harm may be to the body or mind. People who make things influence how others experience the world.

    It is not only violence that harms, but also its thoughtless depiction, and all that tacitly supports it.

There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.

William Shakespeare



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