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  • 3JUNE
    Being Direct: With Family, Act Well


    I often frame my thoughts and opinions in the hope I might reach those in opposition to the views I hold. The weakness of this indirect approach is that at times what I say might miss the mark.

    My previous thought sought to encourage those reading it to consider not just humanity as family, but all living things. To think of the world's minerals, its air and water as family requires a further leap of the imagination, but only then can I proclaim myself a citizen of this fragile, beautiful world.

  • 2JUNE


    Who do I count among my family? Those close to me who share my genes, those I love, my friends. Could my neighbours, my wider community be my family? What of those with whom I share a country, a continent, the world? Are all humans part of my family? And what of other living things?

    I do not trade with my family, nor compete for advantage over them. I cooperate and treat them as my own. One Family, One World.

  • 1JUNE
    Before and After


    There are two ways I think of my living, two ways I experience being. The first is as a human through time, the second is where I feel no time at all.

    In common with music, the quality of being I know as love (given and received) I experience only in my now.


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There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.

William Shakespeare



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