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  • 15JAN
    Art and Action


    Does art make me act? Without doubt in its making, cumulatively in its receiving.

    The same work of art may move me to action over many years, yet have no affect at all on another. Art is hit and miss, relies on its resonance to affect, and may or may not aspire to, or do good. It is limited, but the best tool I know to reach across the boundaries of race, gender, culture, politics, and religion.

    Can art help protect the environment? Reduce conflict? Champion love? For some, just a little.

  • 14JAN


    Birth: the start of something new: a being; an idea; hope; faith in another; love. A moment of beginning.

    I choose to separate those qualities that harm: the birth of hate, of anger, of greed, of envy and desire.

    Birth is not only something that happens outside myself, but also within. On this my son's birthday I celebrate by choosing hope. The bedrock of the shale of my uncertainties.

    Each day I have the choice of birth.

  • 13JAN


    I do not name the man who scorns nations with his words. A name makes known, and such a man is not a man to note. His words inflame intolerance, the ignorant, the foolish soul.

    When someone insults another on the basis of where they live, they make known their own insecurity, their weakness, their failure in thought and honour.

    To such a man, face to face, I say with calm and fixed intent: leave my sight.

There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.

William Shakespeare



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