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  • 5MARCH
    The Restive Spirit · The Unsettled Soul


    Things are done because of love, anger, practical necessity, desire, faith, greed, ambition, frustration, curiosity, the wish to learn, to be known or recognized, or a chaotic combination of these things.

    By their nature, the artist is unable to remain silent or submissive. Their doing arises from their intense personal discomfort of being motionless. The products of their doing are often made public.

    My restive spirit, my unsettled soul is the fuel of my doing. It is also the cause of my undoing.

  • 4MARCH
    The Sound of Heaven


    A restless song in the still darkness ripples through the narrow gap in my window.

    Insistent, exuberant, percolating.

    No words sufficiently describe the restive, bubbling, life attesting flitter.

    As dawn unseats the night, the sound of robin fades.

    The hold of heaven, hushed.

  • 3MARCH
    Lost and Found


    Half of yesterday's photographic work is unrecoverable, gone. That light and experience will not return.

    When something is lost due to my fault I can dwell on it with nagging regret, or use my discontent as the engine for a new journey. As soon as day begins to break I will tread out into the freezing fog.

    The photographs I lost were the most dramatic and forceful. Without them I turn to words:

    I stand in whirl of powder white, the bite of bitter cold, of rasping wail of wind, and here I find my home.

There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.

William Shakespeare



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