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  • 24MAY
    Either · Or · Whole


    I find myself as either or.

    I am immersed in the open sea of my passions and love, or absorbed by a world of ideas.

    I keep balance between these two great forces through my making.

    Making is the fulcrum of my either or. The expression of my otherwise ordinary life.

    I journey through the wilderness of creative discovery. It is the only way I know to remain, whole.

  • 23MAY
    Take Your Pick


    I have three choices: I can add something, take something away, or do nothing.

    Painters add or remove pigment; potters add or remove clay; choreographers add or remove movement; photographers and digital artists add or remove light; music composers add or remove sound; writers add or remove words. At times the action is irreversible, unalterable, final.

    When I consider any of my actions, I give or take, for doing nothing leaves me only as witness.

  • 22MAY
    My Freedom to Make


    Each person who makes finds their comfort to create in different places, times, alone, or with others.

    To work well I work alone, but my mind is always full with others. To make well I need freedom: from thinking only of my self; from the practical demands of life; from the restraints of convention.

    The creative act requires I listen honestly and openly at all times: to what is being said from within and outside; to the self-critical eye; to the independence and strengths of touch, light, sound, and meaning.

There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.

William Shakespeare



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