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  • 17OCT
    The Unknown Road


    One of the great joys of creating art is its safe uncertainty. Exploration's familiar companion, risk, is confined to the realm of achievement rather than physical danger. For the artist, the unknown road is full with excitement and anticipation.

    As I continue work on a piece of music I listen for paths of sound that open briefly before me. I move by instinct, quickly, before the trail goes cold. My only enemy is doubt that I will hear.

  • 16OCT


    A member of my family is increasingly bewildered. She finds herself more frequently in a place of mist and uncertainty. The one thing that helps to settle her is love.

    It is the same for all of us, no mater what our age or home: with company, together we grow strong.

  • 15OCT
    Politics and Art


    I rarely voice my political views as I try to engage with as broad a group of people as possible by exploring issues in a way that I hope is inclusive. Although my work is not party political, it often concerns itself with power and status (both personal and societal). Politics tends to polarize opinion and often forms a barrier to dialogue between opposing convictions. Art offers a context for adversaries to inadvertently stand side by side in the same room with shared experience.

There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.

William Shakespeare



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