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  • 15SEPT
    The Poetry of Our Motion


    On court I play my best when I move freely. When I do not think consciously, but rather let my body shape the point. I enjoy the sudden unexpected change, the challenge of a reach too far, the push of all my being to make my place in time arrive, return, and if all goes well, confound.

    Watching and playing sport is often an aesthetic experience. We don't only watch to see who wins, but to also enjoy the poetry of our motion.

  • 14SEPT
    The Importance of Numbers


    Although numbers do not exist except as ideas and symbols, they are exceptionally useful in marking moments and expressing a measure or quantity of something. I associate the number 14 with my sister's birthday - today. If I think of myself at the age of fourteen I consider a particular period of my life. If I think about the relationship of 14 on a scale of one to a hundred I place the idea of 14 in a context which is helpful. Although I am not good with numbers, I enjoy the thoughts they bring.

  • 13SEPT
    On First Meeting


    I spend many hours with a new tool I have added to my studio of creative gadgets.

    There is nothing quite like the first occasion when one plays with something.

    As I build I glimpse the tool's potential - everything is fresh, unknown: a journey of discovery.

    As with people, being inspired on first meeting lays the seed for our return.

There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.

William Shakespeare



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