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  • 19MAY
    Take Less ยท Give More


    I spend many weeks completing a piece of music. My time is devoted to final preparations. To making good. It is the day before, full with promise and hope.

    I gift my work to show its value is not bound by trade or economic activity.

    Over time, with time, in part, my hope is that acts of sharing encourage others to pause in their taking. In their seeking only profit or exchange.

  • 18MAY
    Innocent Listening


    I master my latest composition. I use tools that allow me to optimize and refine music. The most important part of this process is an effort to 'listen innocently'.

    Whether it be a painting, writing, or music, familiarity easily leads to blindness of those strengths and weaknesses that might be glaringly obvious to someone else. Perhaps this propensity to blindness is also true of my experience of place. I must better see new in my everyday.

  • 17MAY
    Taking Risk


    When we are in the sole company of another for any length of time, we may resist their kindness as we make judgements about their motivation and intentions. I wonder how much good is lost by this. When I show kindness, things can get complicated as the recipient may ask for more than I am comfortable giving. Perhaps we are well aware that with kindness comes risk, and because of this we should view those who are most kind as showing most courage.

There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.

William Shakespeare



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