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  • 20MARCH
    Seeing In The Dark


    At night and in the dark, I see far better with my peripheral vision as compared with looking straight ahead. The rods in my retina that are more sensitive to light and motion are fewer at the centre where the cones of my retina that help me see detail and colour are over fifteen times more numerous.

    When I look directly I see less, as much as when I only attend to those things at the edge of my vision.

    If I am to use light well in my work, then I must know it well, as is true of sound and words.

  • 19MARCH
    Freedom and the Choice to Love


    During every moment of my life, somewhere on this earth someone loves. It may be a child's love for their parent, or a parent's for their child; the love between siblings, partners, friends, strangers; between one species and another; of nature, of ideas, of self. Now, as you read, and now once more is love.

    By love of self I mean the care, respect and kindness of the self. Love is not desire nor seeks gain.

    Alone and with others, at any time, I am free to act with love. When I choose not to love I harm myself.

  • 18MARCH
    Being Beautiful


    I often wonder what it must be like to be physically beautiful. I am not, however I love things that are.

    I love the shape and texture of a ceramic bowl, the dancing light of a movie, the ideas and words of a poem, the sound of someone's voice, the push and pull of trees in high wind.

    Physically beautiful people are under the constant gaze of others. Their human exchanges are with those who wish to be close, often not for their interest, but for what they transfer by way of their beauty.

There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.

William Shakespeare



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