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  • 22JULY
    The Ethics of Making


    Ethics: ideas that shape the way I try to act.

    My fundamental ethic is not to harm. Put positively, my fundamental ethic is to love.

    I am easily distracted from this aim: I think of myself before others and my environment, I consider what making might bring me rather than what it gives others. My failings do not however undermine the idea that being constructive is always preferable to being destructive. To make can be an act of love.

  • 21JULY
    Care and Kindness


    I ponder on yesterday's thought. Despite my tiny footprint on the world, my smallness, I have potential.

    Care and kindness are not confined by gender, disability, ethnicity, culture, creed, or economic circumstance. It is in my gift to care for myself, others, my environment, and what I make.

    That others do not care has no bearing on the strength or importance of kindness.

    I am human: with disproportionate ability comes disproportionate responsibility.

  • 20JULY
    A Tiny Speck That Acts Upon The World


    I am one of countless living organisms. As something living, I change each day. As an animal I move independently, feed on organic matter, can reproduce, sense my environment, and think. As a human I interact, make, form ideas, and create using different materials: my body, light, sound, and words.

    Animals represent around 0.1% of life on earth, and humans, less than 0.00001% of the number of animals, estimated at 20 quintillion. I am less than 0.0001% of the human family, and yet, here I am...

There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.

William Shakespeare



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