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  • 21AUGUST
    The Soft Sell


    I share music and art that I love. At times I come across a piece that is lessened by the originator's decision to link to products and services they wish to sell. The piece can no longer be enjoyed innocently as it is reduced to being a financial vehicle.

    Using art as a promotional tool undermines its integrity and impairs its impact.

  • 20AUGUST
    Being Too Close


    In my work I communicate with developers of creative products and services. If I judge a tool can be improved, I make contact and give my feedback. I might not hear back, but more often than not I do.

    I have observed three areas of resistance to positive change: denial there is a problem; a lack of commitment to making something better; a culture of poor support and communication.

    Perhaps at times we are too close or have invested too much in something to admit its deficiencies.

  • 19AUGUST
    Good News


    My son has enjoyed thinking and writing since he was a young child. He has been accepted onto a course to study Philosophy and English. A new adventure begins. I am over the moon.

    Good news is personal. It feels, personal. It is something to celebrate. It is good, and new.

    The best good news I have received has been about those I love.

There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.

William Shakespeare



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