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  • 28SEPT
    Function and Beauty - Art and Design


    Function: something that happens aligned with the purpose of a thing.

    I enjoy good design, a union of practical function and beauty.

    Art and music are mercurial in their functions, and characterized by their relationships with beauty.

    Art and music have emotional, conceptual, and expressive functions not bound by the need to work as practical aids or tools other than of and for the mind and heart.

  • 27SEPT
    Simplicity, Elegance, and Grace


    When making I am drawn to three qualities: simplicity, elegance, and grace. I judge these through a combination of intuition and reason.

    There is a point when something becomes so simple, its elegance evaporates. Elegance offers more than meets the eye. Something elegant is coherent, lucid, inventive, surprising, pleasing.

    Simplicity and elegance may be static. Grace relates to movement, an expression of something alive.

  • 26AUG
    Threat and Diplomacy


    My response to danger from another is to head it off, meet it, or withdraw. If I feel strong, sense I have no choice, or as a prelude to fight, I could use threats to face peril. The use of threats stems from my primal response to uneasiness. It is the roar and intension of striking fear into an adversary.

    Disputes, personal, social, or between groups and nations, are not resolved with threats, but through a willingness to communicate differences, and an appreciation of the desires and fears of others.


There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.

William Shakespeare



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