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  • 26MARCH
    Risk and Danger


    I experience something that moves me, makes me think, and that I find beautiful. Last night it was a film. From the opening sound of a delicate string trio I am hooked and hope others feel the same. We witness a mother and child, their journey, loss and love. I hold back my tears, again.

    We reach the end. 'I'm glad I watched it, but it didn't work for me'. 'Oh, I loved it, and you?', 'Not really'.

    Perhaps we do not share so readily for risk and danger to our heart.

  • 25MARCH
    How I Mind: With Body


    Body: a coherent material structure; something abstract forming a unified whole.

    Mind: the internal, sentient place of feeling, perception, thought, will, and reason.

    Every moment my body breaths my mind works. Every moment.

    At times I am aware, at others I am not. My being, my being alive is the confluence of body and mind, despite how preoccupied by mind or body I may be.

  • 24MARCH
    The Food That Keeps My Feelings Close


    Much of my day is spent among the fragments of my memory. I think of those I have known, of those I have loved, and those I love. Close and far in time, I turn my small moments with others over in my mind, and as I do they meld with me, become a part of me.

    Fired by word, sound, taste, scent, light or touch, memory is the food that keeps my feelings close.

There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.

William Shakespeare



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