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  • 22FEB
    Music When Alone and Together


    I listen to a short piano piece. The music is beautiful, powerful, mysterious. If I listen with others, if they move as I, slowly or with pace, at the same time and in the same place, we sense and share without the need of words. Movement and sound precedes language and meaning.

    Music I hear alone is enough to change my day from dark to light, and back again.

    Music I hear with others gives me, in its time, hope that others feel the same.

  • 21FEB
    The Trust of Animals and Birds


    From a young age I have taken care of animals and birds, usually after the loss or incapacity of a relative. Although I have been a reluctant volunteer I have learned a great deal from my experiences with non-humans. My reluctance stems from my duty of care, an especially powerful force within me as I was cared for by others outside my immediate family from early infancy.

    Animals and birds come to trust in their own time. Mutual trust cannot be forced, but is required to care.

  • 20FEB
    Where Thoughts Exist


    My son asked where I think thoughts exist. Somewhere physical? Or somewhere else? I think of a bird, high above, against a blue sky. The bird does not exist except for a time in my mind, and now, in yours.

    Words are magical in conveying thoughts... Is the bird between our ears? Or somewhere else? Is the bird where neurons fire in the brain? Or does the idea 'bird' have a 'life' of its own? I look up and see a real bird against the real blue sky. I sense both my birds fly somewhere else, at times, out of sight.

There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.

William Shakespeare



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