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  • 26JULY
    My Embrace of the Abstract and Real


    Following on from my previous thought, I ponder on why I am happier to learn complex procedures with my body and mind over those requiring only my mind. When for example I practice a difficult sequence on the piano, the improvement of my performance is not only something I appreciate aesthetically, but also physically. The sensation of growing bodily ease is a profoundly satisfying feeling. Although I may feel a sense of achievement with a wholly mental task, understanding alone is confined to the abstract.

  • 25JULY
    Procedural Learning


    Procedural memory occurs when repeating a complex chain of activities until it becomes automatic and without conscious awareness of the experience, for example learning a musical instrument or playing a racket sport which requires delayed gratification and includes frequent failure and frustration.

    Although I enjoy physical procedural learning, I have an intense dislike of following or learning a series of mental actions that must be carried out in a certain order or manner. My body works best with mind.

  • 24JULY
    The Time and Space We Need


    I often pause to catch my breath to think in conversation. When I am with a friend, the trust and interval between us makes our exchange all the richer. When I am less known, the gap between us widens and I am aware my pause could be construed as my having difficulty, awkward, or strange.

    Insecurity demands a swift response and is alligned to the reflex of anxiety that distance can bring.

    Patience, with and without another, can be a sign of love and requires that love may/not be recognized.

There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.

William Shakespeare



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