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  • 23NOV
    How Creativity Harms


    Whether you are an architect, artist, composer, choreographer, crafts person, designer, photographer or writer, whatever the field, I believe it is the responsibility of the creative person to consider the impact of what they make. If what I make has the potential to harm in any way, then I should stop.

    Harm may be to the body or mind. People who make things influence how others experience the world.

    It is not only violence that harms, but also its thoughtless depiction, and all that tacitly supports it.

  • 22NOV
    The Social Artist · The Lone Artist


    I listened as music composers and artists spoke about the advantages of collaboration, sharing resources, and the ease of working through practical and creative problems under the same roof. The premise is that creative studios spread risk and promise a faster and more consistent path for the delivery of creative products as compared with an individual. Why am I so resistant to this approach?

    I value creative freedom. I do not make to order, nor will I support a product or service that may harm.

  • 21NOV
    My Unknown


    No matter how confident I am, how insecure I feel, how plain, talented, foolish, smart, offensive, insensitive or thoughtful I am, I experience the unknown. The unknown of what will happen as I step out today. The unknown of what people feel and think. The unknown of what risk and reward will fall to me.

    I have the choice each day to embrace the unknown or pretend it isn't there. I can trust another, give the benefit of my doubt, or turn away. If I avoid it, the scale and fear of my unknown only increases.

There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.

William Shakespeare



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