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  • 24SEPT
    Those I Meet In Dream

    I wake from a vivid dream. I am on the mend.

    I was in the company of someone I have known for many years, whom I have met in dream so many times, yet have never known in my waking world. I set reason aside...

    What if my dream-life is rich with the entanglements and experience of others? Perhaps somewhere now she wakes and thinks upon our meeting that fades from view like the vanishing morning mist.

  • 23SEPT
    Alone or With

    Being alone is not enough, being with is not enough. The sound of bird and sight of sky is not enough.

    The warmth of sun, the wash of rain, the scent of pine and taste of fresh baked bread is not enough.

    Ideas alone are not enough to quell the doubt and fear that seeps below the waterline.

    No matter what my sensory delight, what flight of thought I make, my need remains.

    Alone or with, what is enough? What sign of hope with darkness trust? With life: give, love.

  • 22

    The Beauty of a Land Laid Bare

    The landscape of the Sottish Borders is both beautiful and unsettling.

    All that remains of the once teaming habitat of emerald forests are the valleys and hills beneath. I am drawn to the forms of this place, and yet its naked grace shows the history of a richer time.

    When a tree sheds its seed, I pick it up, plant it, care for it. In time, countless living things will find their home and flourish from such easy effort.


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There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.

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