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  • 21SEPT
    Profoundly Blind and Deaf


    When I do not see nor hear I more easily forget.

    Puerto Rico has no power. All communication has been cut by a mountainous storm. News outlets around the world have little to say about the desperate stories that unfold. My attention turns away.

    What if I were blind and deaf? Would I feel less about the world? Would I more easily forget those things I cannot touch? There is still much I can do without knowing.

  • 20SEPT
    Movement, Fast and Slow


    As the overwhelming force of hurricane wind, rain and wave sweeps across the Atlantic Caribbean, a strong earthquake strikes Mexico to the east. Movement is at the core of all things. At times movement happens so slowly I experience stillness, and yet even the stone has, is, and will move.

    Nature includes life and those things I do not consider as living - the air, the sea, and the earth. In future, things considered alive will extend beyond nature. Things move by my effort and beyond my control.

  • 19SEPT
    The World I Know Transformed


    In forty eight hours a storm has grown in the Atlantic from a gale with winds of 50mph (80kph) to a category five hurricane with winds of over 160mph (257kph). With all our tools and technical skills we remain unable to predict significant and sudden change in the weather with any accuracy.

    Should I always search for proof before I act? There is no proof of human love, my joy or pain, and so it seems the same is true for change released by nature's force, the world I know, transformed.

There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.

William Shakespeare



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